A healthy, low calorie chocolate milk shake? Really?


I make one of these whenever I deserve a treat, and you’d be surprised how often I deserve a treat. Only about 125 calories, and simple to make –

1 cup almond milk

1 tsp Truvia or 1 squirt of Sweetleaf liquid stevia

2 heaping tsps cocoa powder

1 cup frozen strawberries

I make this right in the serving glass with my beloved Cuisinart Smart Stick immersion blender (uncompensated product endorsement!), so there’s less to clean up. First blend the cocoa and sweetener into the almond milk, then blend in the strawberries several at a time.

The frozen strawberries give the cold and thickness, and of course the cocoa and stevia bring the yum.

You could use cow’s milk and sugar, I suppose, but why would you? If you haven’t tried almond milk, you owe it to youself. It has the thickness and consistency of regular milk, but fewer calories and fat than skim milk. Does it taste exactly like cow’s milk? No – it tastes better! (IMO, of course.)

And one last thing – to take this chocolate milk shake right over the top, when you’re blending in the cocoa powder, add a sprinkle of cinnamon. Trust me, just do it.



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One response to “A healthy, low calorie chocolate milk shake? Really?

  1. handmadebyvictoria

    mmmmm. It sounds yummy I think I will try it… Possibly tomorrow! something to look forward too.

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