WHY do I always wait till the last minute to deal with my taxes?

Every time! And honestly, all I have to do is round up all the bits of paper and take them to the Tax Guy. How hard is that?

Yet, every year, I tell myself, “this time I’ll get my taxes in early”, and every year, I’m racing around searching for the bits at the very last minute.




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2 responses to “WHY do I always wait till the last minute to deal with my taxes?

  1. For me, it’s because this year is very complicated. My company was sold, resulting in a personal gain of un-exercised and purchased stocks, translating to me needing a tax attorney this year since H&R Block can’t figure it out, and confusion whether or not I get taxed 7 or 15% since my company earned less than $50 million last tax year. That, and the dread I may owe once again this year has brought me to understand that the longer I wait, the less money the feds earn on interest from my money. And, the bill….I dread that the most.

  2. For me it’s just procrastination, plus the very plausible fear that I’ll wind up owing money. For quite a few years, my taxes really were time consuming, since my part-time ‘job’ was eBaying – I had to add up these enormous columns of how many tiny little payments came in, and how much I spent on postage and how much on merchandise, and shipping supplies, etc. But these days, it’s easy – I’m just poor.

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