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A glimpse of things to come

I’m buffing and honing Bidding On Death, and also working on my book blurbs.

Smashwords gives you places to post a short description and a longer description.  Here are the blurbs as they stand now.

“Short description: Cissy Rayburn finds a body again. Someone bashed in Rose Jackson’s head, and left her obnoxious chihuahua an orphan. Now Cissy is stuck with Paco the chihuhua and convinced that the murder is connected with the estate auction Rose just went to. Others at the auction include Cissy’s friend Julia, and Cissy herself. What was the killer looking for, and how ruthlessly will he continue the search?”

“Long description:

1998 – On-line auctions are the new craze, and tech writer and vineyard co-owner Cissy Rayburn is joining the frenzy. New friend Amy is teaching Cissy and old friend Julia how to navigate the wonderful world of eBuy. But while the ladies were at Cissy’s house on the computer, someone broke into Amy’s and Julia’s houses.

Could it have something to do with the weekend estate sale they all went to? The other big buyer at the auction was Rose Jackson, retired county government employee and on-line auction shark. Cissy wonders if Rose’s house was broken into as well. But when she stops by Rose’s house, she finds that not only was the house broken into – so was Rose’s head.

Now Cissy is once again hip-deep in a murder investigation, but with the added aggravation of providing a temporary home for Rose’s untrained and obnoxious chihuahua Paco. Both identifying the killer and finding a permanent home for this awful little dog seem like impossible tasks.”

And there you have it – coming soon, to an e-reader near you!




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And there it is! A complete first draft of Bidding On Death!

(Oh, Jaaaaane, about that cover art…)


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Back to work!

I’m just back from a refreshing mini-vacation, all ready to keyboard the thrilling conclusion to Bidding On Death. And Jane started work on the cover art, which is gonna be awesome!

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The Engine Light rant

Today I drove in to the Big City for some shopping (okay, to Fredericksburg to trade in my CO2 canisters for my Sodastream, if you must know), and hurray – the engine light went off! My car had been sick, but now it was healed!

Seriously, I hate that stupid light. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of warning lights. The other warning lights. Because they make sense! They warn you about a specific problem and you know exactly what to do to fix the problem. You need to fill up the gas tank, you should add more oil, you ought to fasten your seat belt, and hey, did you mean to leave the lights on?

But the engine light? It sounds so serious, you know – OMG, the engine! Butbutbut – what’s wrong with the engine? It doesn’t say. So vague, and yet so ominous.

This is a recurring issue with my car (which is getting a trifle elderly, to tell the truth). Last fall, the engine light kept coming on, and the nice man at the garage couldn’t find out why. He told me that ‘ninety-nine times out of a hundred’ the problem was something to do with emissions.

I hate having those conversations because I know I sound like a dithery little old lady. “But is it safe to drive?” And so on.

I had a break from these concerns through the winter; the engine light stayed off the whole time. So I didn’t have to fret about ‘service engine HOW soon, specifically?’ But this week, the dreaded light turned back on.

Oh, hey!  I think I’ve solved it! Look at the evidence. Lots of engine light issues in the fall, which vanished in the winter and returned in the spring. I’ll bet it’s pollen! That’s got to be it.

Yes — my car has allergies.


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Argh! Anachronism!

I’m reviewing what I have so far on Bidding On Death (and no, I haven’t written the ending yet – but I’m close), and just realized I’m going to have to change some stuff because it’s taking place in 1998. (Why 1998? Because Died On The Vine takes place in 1996, that’s why.)

You know what? It’s not easy to write something that takes place in the recent past, and keeping ages and technology true to the era!


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This week I’m spending more time marketing book one than writing book two (though I do see a vague shape looming ahead that appears to be the SOLUTION to book two,  so don’t lose heart about that!) – I’ve been sending free copies of Died On The Vine to book bloggers who’ve expressed an interest in reading and reviewing it.

Did I miss anyone? Do you have a book blog and would like a review copy? If so, let me know!

I’m also seeing in all the marketing advice that I should make myself available for interviews, which makes me feel all self-conscious and rather silly. But hey – I guess I’m available for interviews as well.


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