The Engine Light rant

Today I drove in to the Big City for some shopping (okay, to Fredericksburg to trade in my CO2 canisters for my Sodastream, if you must know), and hurray – the engine light went off! My car had been sick, but now it was healed!

Seriously, I hate that stupid light. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of warning lights. The other warning lights. Because they make sense! They warn you about a specific problem and you know exactly what to do to fix the problem. You need to fill up the gas tank, you should add more oil, you ought to fasten your seat belt, and hey, did you mean to leave the lights on?

But the engine light? It sounds so serious, you know – OMG, the engine! Butbutbut – what’s wrong with the engine? It doesn’t say. So vague, and yet so ominous.

This is a recurring issue with my car (which is getting a trifle elderly, to tell the truth). Last fall, the engine light kept coming on, and the nice man at the garage couldn’t find out why. He told me that ‘ninety-nine times out of a hundred’ the problem was something to do with emissions.

I hate having those conversations because I know I sound like a dithery little old lady. “But is it safe to drive?” And so on.

I had a break from these concerns through the winter; the engine light stayed off the whole time. So I didn’t have to fret about ‘service engine HOW soon, specifically?’ But this week, the dreaded light turned back on.

Oh, hey!  I think I’ve solved it! Look at the evidence. Lots of engine light issues in the fall, which vanished in the winter and returned in the spring. I’ll bet it’s pollen! That’s got to be it.

Yes — my car has allergies.



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  1. Victoria

    who wouldn’t have allergies in this area!!! your car fits right in!

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