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Bidding On Death now available on Barnes and Noble!

Just for you, Nookies, the upload to Barnes and Noble finally ‘took’, and Bidding On Death has gone up for sale:

Bidding On Death at Barnes & Noble

So, there’s that.


ARRRGH!  Where’s the blurb?! They posted it without the blurb!

I need a drink…


Whew! The blurb has appeared.

Man, I think I’m learning something about myself here – I thought I was more level-headed, but that missing blurb really upset me. (Seriously, would you buy a book without a blurb?)


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Hey, you like me, right?

Sure you do!

So, know what? Why don’t you go Like my Amazon page?

Joyce’s Amazon Page

You can ‘like’ by clicking the little thumbs up button in the upper right.

C’mon – it’ll be fun.


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Dog Art

A few months ago, I started drawing. I’m not one of these people who’ve drawn all my life. I think the last time I drew anything must have been in high school, and that was mumblety years ago, and I was pretty bad at it.

But for some reason, I just got the bug. Got some sketch pads and sketching pencils and some how-to books. Some of my stuff is… not half bad. I draw the exercises in the books – you know, a cube and a cylinder with the light coming this way, a sphere and a cone with the light coming that way. I draw pictures out of magazines. And I draw things that are lying around the house.

Now, in this establishment, when you look for things ‘lying around the house’, one subject jumps out at you – the fluffy white dog. So I’ve been drawing Maggie.

It’s pretty tricky; I’m in the recliner and she’s on the floor, so there are some odd angles and getting eyes and ears the right size and right place in relation to one another takes practice. Some of my Maggie efforts have been laughably bad. But here are a few I think are kinda cute.

The first is what I’m learning to call a’gesture sketch’, and then there are just the basic lying about pictures. You’ll notice there are no back feet – I’m not wimping out on them, it’s just that from where I am and where she is, I can’t see her back feet.

gesture sketch, maggie


sleeping dog


pretty girl!



Future art historians will call this my Dog On Floor Period.



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And now for something completely different

I’ve started a new book! And, um… it’s not a mystery. Never fear, I’m not abandoning Cissy and the gang at Passatonnack Winery, I have at least two more adventures planned for them.

But my current project is a Regency romance. I’ve always loved Georgette Heyers’ books, so I’m going to give it a whirl. It’s a whole different writing style, but that’s what makes it fun.


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A nice little launch!

Well, I’m rather pleased with the launch of Bidding On Death. I can’t say the book was an overnight best-seller (well, I could SAY it — but it wouldn’t be true), but it’s starting off selling faster than Died On The Vine did. June is already my best month on Amazon, and I’m seeing an increase in sales of Died On The Vine as well. Some people seem to be buying the two books as a set.

Over the past few months, I’ve found more venues for book marketing, and with the publication of Bidding On Death, I activated them all at once, so perhaps that’s what’s making the difference. Or perhaps it’s the chihuahua on the cover.


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