Dog Art

A few months ago, I started drawing. I’m not one of these people who’ve drawn all my life. I think the last time I drew anything must have been in high school, and that was mumblety years ago, and I was pretty bad at it.

But for some reason, I just got the bug. Got some sketch pads and sketching pencils and some how-to books. Some of my stuff is… not half bad. I draw the exercises in the books – you know, a cube and a cylinder with the light coming this way, a sphere and a cone with the light coming that way. I draw pictures out of magazines. And I draw things that are lying around the house.

Now, in this establishment, when you look for things ‘lying around the house’, one subject jumps out at you – the fluffy white dog. So I’ve been drawing Maggie.

It’s pretty tricky; I’m in the recliner and she’s on the floor, so there are some odd angles and getting eyes and ears the right size and right place in relation to one another takes practice. Some of my Maggie efforts have been laughably bad. But here are a few I think are kinda cute.

The first is what I’m learning to call a’gesture sketch’, and then there are just the basic lying about pictures. You’ll notice there are no back feet – I’m not wimping out on them, it’s just that from where I am and where she is, I can’t see her back feet.

gesture sketch, maggie


sleeping dog


pretty girl!



Future art historians will call this my Dog On Floor Period.




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2 responses to “Dog Art

  1. I like them, and I love dogs,.

  2. What great pictures! I always find drawing and sketching to be so relaxing.

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