Died On The Vine, free Kindle giveaway

But you have to act fast! Be one of the first ten commenters to this post to request your free copy and provide me your e-mail address, and I’ll send you a gift certificate. This is for Died On The Vine for KINDLE.

Watch this blog for a giveaway of Bidding On Death for Kindle, later this week.

UPDATE:  Still a few books left, folks – I know I said first ten commenters, but half of those are me, reporting when I’ve sent out the gift cert.  So request your ebook now.






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19 responses to “Died On The Vine, free Kindle giveaway

  1. Hi Joyce: Looking forward to reading Died on the Vine. Looks intriguing.
    James Osborne

  2. Greetings Joyce,
    I would like to read your book. The Village Wordsmith is a great name for your site, too.
    R. L. Cherry

  3. I would love to read and review for you

  4. Raani York

    Hi Joyce,
    I would love to read your book on my kindle. And: I’m going to follow your blog from now on. I think it’s going to be quite interesting!

  5. Congratulations, Joyce. I can’t wait to read it. Good luck with your book.

  6. I would love a copy to read and review! 🙂

    Everyone be sure to stop by and find out more about Joyce and Died on the Vine as she enters the Ludis on Gladiator’s Pen for an interview! http://gladiatorspen.blogspot.com/2012/07/author-chat-with-joyce-harmon.html

  7. Kathleen Braun

    Any copies left? I’d love to read anything you can send for my Kindle. Like one of your commenters above, I’m looking forward to reading your blog regularly.

    FWIW: My sister just had her first book published: “Necessary Places” – by Patricia O’Donnell.

    Thanks very much, Joyce

  8. Barbara Taylor

    Guess I’ll have to break down and get a Kindle. Good luck with sales!

  9. Jake

    Well this is unbelievable an opportunity to read another of your books. If opportunity is still available please know I will not only read but post a review. Book cover is real eye catcher nothing like a dog to get this readers attention.

  10. southernracer

    Any chance of being number 8? Wineries are one of my favorite places.

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