Bidding On Death, free Kindle giveaway

Here it is! Post in the comments to get a gift certificate for a free copy of Bidding On Death, Kindle edition.

Also – here’s another piece of Dog Art:




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25 responses to “Bidding On Death, free Kindle giveaway

  1. Awe cute doggie! I’m looking forward to getting into this series. 🙂

  2. Love the picture – and the book sounds great!

  3. Va

    Sound like a good read.

  4. Are you doubly talented, creative both in writing and drawing? Amazing.

  5. crbwrites

    Love dogs. Love mysteries. Glad to have found you here.

  6. So is this practice for when you write a children’s book. Do you plan on drawing all the pictures?

    • A children’s book? I dunno about that! Next comes the Regency romance, and then the action-adventure, then maybe back to mystery. The drawing is just for fun. Check your e-mail for your gift cert.

  7. I was out of town and just saw your post. If you have a free copy to give away left I would love to win! Do like your sketch.

  8. Ah, so you have a chihuahua in your mystery too. In ‘Chasing Can be Murder’, I have racing greyhounds AND a chihuahua who thinks he’s a doberman:) Look forward to reading ‘Bidding On Death’.

    • The problem with writing chihuahuas into books is that they tend to take over. The only chihuahua I know in real life is the one down the road who tried to demolish my Samoyed. All he got out of it was a mouthful of fluff and Maggie was all, ‘did you say something, little man?’ Check your e-mail for your gift cert.

  9. Jake

    Just returned home to find your email. Neighbor has a chihuahua so I know how big these little ones believe themselves. Any chance of getting to enter your contest for copy of “Bidding On Death?”

  10. The books look great. I’m writing cozy mysteries also, but yours follow the idea more with the cute dog. Mine just don’t have any gore…one has maybe a slight mention or two of sex…Like your idea to get people to the blog. If you’re still giving away the book, I’ll take a certificate (I have 8 on my list, but I’ll get to it).

    But, even more…if you can visit my blog, I’d love it!

  11. Joyce, I’m not entering because it’s late in the game and because I don’t use a Kindle but I wanted to tell you I just finished Died On the Vine today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll have a review up on Buried Under Books and other places in the next couple of weeks.

    Lelia Taylor

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