You watching the Olympics?

I am. This is something new for me; I’d never much gotten into the Olympics before. But since the last summer games, I’ve learned how to swim. (Yes! All that stuff about old dogs and new tricks is a bunch of hogwash.) So I thought I’d watch some really good swimmers. Of course I’ve got sucked into all the other stuff – beach volleyball! Water polo! (All this while I’m trying to work up a head of steam on my new book.)

And here’s a Netflix queue recommendation for you. 1980s miniseries: The First Olympics 1896. It’s about putting together an American team for the first modern Olympics. I watched the miniseries when it aired back in the 80s and recalled it as quite good. (I think it got horrible ratings. This was back in the heyday of the miniseries, and The First Olympics was up against some other mini that got all the eyeballs.) With all the publicity about the current Olympics, I remembered it and found it on Netflix. It was as good as I remembered. Makes an interesting contrast to the current Olympics, so endearingly amateurish, the new team trying to figure out what a ‘discus’ is by studying old Greek pottery, stuff like that.

Anyway, give it a try. My recommendation to you. (Spoiler alert – there’s no beach volleyball.)



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One response to “You watching the Olympics?

  1. Martha

    I didn’t know you couldn’t swim. Not sure why that never came up.
    Now that you know how you should come out here. I went tubing on the Salt River a couple weeks ago for the first time. Never did that when I was in high school so it was about time. Truly a great way to spend a couple hours in the summer. Floating down a cool river in an inner tube. The good thing is I am old enough and wise enough not to drink beer while we were out there at 10 AM.
    I probably would not be watching as much of the Olympics but they have them on the TVs in our office all day.

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