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One of the disadvantages of weighing daily is that some mornings you’re up, when you know you’ve been good. (Good? I’ve been awesome!) Today was one of those days – the first such since the Challenge began. I’m telling myself the home scale doesn’t really count, and it’s not a “real” gain, but probably an artifact of a large, late (but healthy) dinner… but still.

On the bright side, I’ve exercised four times this week, and I’ve written a few hundred words, so the book is inching forward.

At the Y, they’re putting up the Halloween decorations!



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12 Week Challenge – week one report


Week One – weight lost, 8.6 pounds.

Take a moment to let that sink in. Eight point six pounds.


Word count… um – zero.

But I’m re-immersing myself in the Regency era, and have to ask – was there ever a time when the fashions were so unforgiving to the weight-enhanced? And then you read descriptions of the meals (we’re talking upper classes here, of course), and they were enormous and went on for a very long time — why wasn’t everyone the size of a house?! Granted, in 1812 people walked a lot more than in 2012, but still — all that food! Is it processing and additives in modern food that make the difference? Could I time travel back to the Regency and eat lobster patties to my heart’s content? (And would it be worth it when you consider the hygiene standards of the era? Umm… maybe not.)



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Eat your salad with chopsticks

Mid-week report. The diet and fitness are going well. I’ve lost about 5 pounds on the home scale. (Hope I’m not jinxing myself; the official weigh-in is a different scale and different time of day.)

My knees have been feeling better, except for yesterday, when I prematurely and foolishly added some little wind sprints to my stationary biking.  Then they felt downright crunchy all evening. But they’re better today.

I’ve relearned what 2 tablespoons of salad dressing actually looks like. It’s just… so sad!

And I’ve started eating my salad with chopsticks, just to make it more fun.

There’s less to report on the book front. The manuscript has been moribund for so long, I need to become reacquainted with my characters. I’ve remembered what’s going to happen next and it should be humorous, so that will be fun to write once I regain the characters’ voices.

Today I took Maggie out to the yard and had her doing jumps and recalls. This is the sort of thing I want to get fit for. When I filled out the intro forms for this 12 Week Challenge, one block asked for fitness goals – I put “keeping up with my dog!”

She just looks so pretty going over the jumps! Wonder if I could film her on my new iphone?


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The Challenge Begins!

This evening I had first meeting and weigh-in. We had thunderstorms rolling through here, and I really wanted to hunker down at home – but I just couldn’t admit to my audience that I’d wimped out of the very first meeting. So… yay you.

My starting weight was “X”. My ending weight will be “X-Y”. What, you thought I was going to tell you what I weigh?! Dream on. Tell you what, though, it’s rather disconcerting and a bit humiliating to be the largest person in the room, when the room is a weight loss meeting. Oh, well. Onward.

Fitness? My stationary biking is at 15 minutes. I swim 6 to 8 laps, and that’s not continuous. I walk to get around but don’t fitness walk; my knees bother me too much. (The knees? Osteoarthritis. The orthopedist says I need both knees replaced, but for now I’m making do with Euflexxa shots.)

Oh, but you want numbers? Here are some numbers – the book. Starting word count is 13,081. That’s 37 typed pages. I’ve written three chapters and part of a fourth.

So – it’s Day 1, and this is where I’m starting from.




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The book gets larger, the writer gets smaller – a 12-week challenge

Okay, something’s gotta change around here.

That book I’m working on? Covered in digital cobwebs. I’ve got no energy, no ambition, no ideas, no creative spark.

I’m also overweight, out of shape, and I’ve got bad knees and I walk like Lurch.

Last week I went to the Y for one of my increasingly rare workouts, and I saw a flyer for a “12 week weight loss challenge”. I strongly suspect that my no-energy, no-ideas problems are tied in to my overweight and out of shape problems. So I signed up. It sounds like a fairly standard type of diet program – meet once a week, have a class and a weigh-in, count your calories and grams of this and that, write them down in a little book, exercise, you all know the drill. If I can just stick with it, I think I’d be bound to come out the other end lighter, and that’s good.

But then there’s this book, which I’d always intended to finish this year. 12 weeks takes us to mid-December. So I’m making my own 12-week challenge. Lose weight and finish the book – at the same time!

And because I know myself, and know how easy it is for me to make grand resolutions and then quietly drop them a week later, I’m going to blog it. I’m counting on my blog audience, or at least the knowledge that I have a blog audience, to keep me going.

The Weight-Loss Challenge starts this Tuesday, so I’ll be counting pounds lost and words gained on a weekly basis starting on Tuesday.

So follow along with me on a 12 week adventure. Fair warning – there may be whining.



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Fifty Shades Of White

What I’m doing when I should be working – I found the create your own jigsaw function at Jigsaw World, and made a jigsaw puzzle from a picture of my dog. Then I put it together. It was surprisingly difficult.


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