The book gets larger, the writer gets smaller – a 12-week challenge

Okay, something’s gotta change around here.

That book I’m working on? Covered in digital cobwebs. I’ve got no energy, no ambition, no ideas, no creative spark.

I’m also overweight, out of shape, and I’ve got bad knees and I walk like Lurch.

Last week I went to the Y for one of my increasingly rare workouts, and I saw a flyer for a “12 week weight loss challenge”. I strongly suspect that my no-energy, no-ideas problems are tied in to my overweight and out of shape problems. So I signed up. It sounds like a fairly standard type of diet program – meet once a week, have a class and a weigh-in, count your calories and grams of this and that, write them down in a little book, exercise, you all know the drill. If I can just stick with it, I think I’d be bound to come out the other end lighter, and that’s good.

But then there’s this book, which I’d always intended to finish this year. 12 weeks takes us to mid-December. So I’m making my own 12-week challenge. Lose weight and finish the book – at the same time!

And because I know myself, and know how easy it is for me to make grand resolutions and then quietly drop them a week later, I’m going to blog it. I’m counting on my blog audience, or at least the knowledge that I have a blog audience, to keep me going.

The Weight-Loss Challenge starts this Tuesday, so I’ll be counting pounds lost and words gained on a weekly basis starting on Tuesday.

So follow along with me on a 12 week adventure. Fair warning – there may be whining.




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3 responses to “The book gets larger, the writer gets smaller – a 12-week challenge

  1. Kathleen

    I saw your comment on Balloon Juice, Joyce. I can so relate to your comment about having big ideas and not carrying through. I feel that’s the story of my life. So I eagerly await our posts and cheer you on.

  2. Deb Mc.

    Way to go! I’ll join you in this challenge. Free chi!

  3. Heck, I’ve been whining for at least three weeks. I made the mistake to visit and I haven’t been the same since. ::sigh::

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