The Challenge Begins!

This evening I had first meeting and weigh-in. We had thunderstorms rolling through here, and I really wanted to hunker down at home – but I just couldn’t admit to my audience that I’d wimped out of the very first meeting. So… yay you.

My starting weight was “X”. My ending weight will be “X-Y”. What, you thought I was going to tell you what I weigh?! Dream on. Tell you what, though, it’s rather disconcerting and a bit humiliating to be the largest person in the room, when the room is a weight loss meeting. Oh, well. Onward.

Fitness? My stationary biking is at 15 minutes. I swim 6 to 8 laps, and that’s not continuous. I walk to get around but don’t fitness walk; my knees bother me too much. (The knees? Osteoarthritis. The orthopedist says I need both knees replaced, but for now I’m making do with Euflexxa shots.)

Oh, but you want numbers? Here are some numbers – the book. Starting word count is 13,081. That’s 37 typed pages. I’ve written three chapters and part of a fourth.

So – it’s Day 1, and this is where I’m starting from.





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4 responses to “The Challenge Begins!

  1. Barbara Taylor

    Hang in there, lady! Amazing what you’re doing.

  2. Deb Mc.

    Yay, YOU! and LOL about X-Y 😀 (Hey, I don’t even get on the scale at the doctor’s office. I just tell them what I weigh. Minus about 15 pounds.)

    • They let you DO that? Mine don’t trust me enough, I don’t think. Meanwhile, I’ve started writing down food. Sigh. Hey, does the food log count for daily word count? (No, Joyce. Just… no.)

  3. NSB

    Good luck. I saw your link to the blog on AW and left a message there for you.

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