Eat your salad with chopsticks

Mid-week report. The diet and fitness are going well. I’ve lost about 5 pounds on the home scale. (Hope I’m not jinxing myself; the official weigh-in is a different scale and different time of day.)

My knees have been feeling better, except for yesterday, when I prematurely and foolishly added some little wind sprints to my stationary biking.  Then they felt downright crunchy all evening. But they’re better today.

I’ve relearned what 2 tablespoons of salad dressing actually looks like. It’s just… so sad!

And I’ve started eating my salad with chopsticks, just to make it more fun.

There’s less to report on the book front. The manuscript has been moribund for so long, I need to become reacquainted with my characters. I’ve remembered what’s going to happen next and it should be humorous, so that will be fun to write once I regain the characters’ voices.

Today I took Maggie out to the yard and had her doing jumps and recalls. This is the sort of thing I want to get fit for. When I filled out the intro forms for this 12 Week Challenge, one block asked for fitness goals – I put “keeping up with my dog!”

She just looks so pretty going over the jumps! Wonder if I could film her on my new iphone?



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  1. Beautiful writing but not leading to a quick happy landing…..or am I missing something?

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