I suppose I should have known that first week’s lost of 8.6 was too good to be true. Second week’s weigh-in – a gain of 1.6 pounds. (And I haven’t been cheating, honest!) I’m trying to reimagine it as a seven pound loss over two weeks — but still. Oh well, onward.

On the book front, I have a word count for the week – 1,109 words, bringing the opus to 14,190. Now, a thousand words a week isn’t really all that good. If I continued on at the same rate, it would take over a year to finish this thing. But it’s progress. And 1100 words is infinity percent better than zero words. (Wait, is that right? Somebody check my math…)



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  1. The first week is always encouraging then the test of inner strength begins. I know you didn’t cheat. Hang in there; it will get easier. 🙂

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