Hey, I was supposed to update you folks on the Twelve Week Challenge, wasn’t I?

Well, the news is good. I was down 2.2 pounds, so I lost last week’s gain and a bit more.  My stationary biking is up to 24 minutes, and I pedal a bit over 4 miles.

The book? It’s at 15, 544. That’s 1354 more words than last week.

If it seems like the book is taking back seat to diet and exercise, that’s because it is. I’ve been reading The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business by Charles Duhigg. A lot of it is about basic research and about organizations (interestingly presented, though), but there’s also some good stuff about the bad habits we develop without meaning to and the good habits we try to develop and sometimes fail to create.

The author reports that some habits are ‘keystone habits’. Developing keystone habits makes it easier to develop other good habits and positive lifestyle changes once you’ve developed the keystone habit.

And exercise, it turns out, is a keystone habit. So — huh.

For exercise, I’ve been concentrating on the stationary bike. Why the stationary bike? I love swimming and my dog would appreciate a walk with me. Well, remember my knees? Quick refresher, I have very bad arthritis in the knees – the doc says they really need to be replaced. I’m about due for another round of Euflexxa shots, so they’ve probably worn off by now. But biking makes the knees feel better. Seriously – when I’m biking regularly, not only are the knees more flexible, but they hurt less. If you have arthritis of the knees, just FYI.



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