Reporting in

No group meeting today, our leader is off to some conference or other. I’m down a couple pounds this week on the home scale, so hope to see some good movement next week on the official weigh-in.

I’m definitely stronger than I was when I started – that’s the biking. And being stronger makes me more willing to do things that used to seem Too Hard. But I’ll tell you the metric I’m really looking forward to – when do my clothes start feeling looser?!

On the book, I’m planning and arranging scenes, so I have no word count to report. Better luck next week?




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3 responses to “Reporting in

  1. Love hear on how you are doing. Are you thinking about NaNoWriMo yet?

  2. I’m thinking about it – not deciding on it, but thinking about it.

  3. Deb Mc.

    Hope you decide to Do It! I’m just realizing I should be finished with the workshop plotting and character arcing and all that in a couple of weeks — just in time for NaNo! I really really really want to get this book WRITTEN and I always get more done during a NaNo or Boot Camp or whatever. Just need those external deadlines, I guess ;-p We may even have a NaNo team on Savvy, b/c Chris is in the same stage.

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