Why I miss junk food

You know what I miss most about junk food? It’s not the yummy grease and salt (though those are awesome) – it’s the convenience! Buy a bag of something, open the bag, eat the contents. How great is that?

What brings this up is that I decided tonight to make some sweet potato chips. Sweet potato chips are pretty good. Only problem is – you have to make them. And just to get one potato’s worth of chips, you’ve got to mess up two cookie sheets.

Tonight’s attempt was a fiasco. First? I sliced off the tip of my little finger. Really. Oh, it wasn’t a big chunk, just the very tippy tippy bit. But I thought I was never going to get the bleeding to stop. Bandaging the tip of your finger is hard to do. (At the store I’ve seen bandages specifically for fingertips, but I don’t have any of those.)

And then! Then when I stopped the bleeding and bandaged my finger, I went back to the chips project, got the slices all arranged and in the oven. And then I missed the 10 second window between the chips being limp and the chips being burned – so I wound up with no chips anyway!


Could some food processor out there please make us some healthy chips, sweet potato and otherwise, and not junk them up with every nasty food additive ever devised? Buy the bag, open the bag, eat the contents – and it’s good for you? Wouldn’t that be great?





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3 responses to “Why I miss junk food

  1. Have you tried Terra chips? They make delicious sweet potato chips, and I don’t *think* they have anything weird in them.

  2. Sorry about the fingertip. Hope you and your finger get to try again. Until then BAGS for everyone. hehehe

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