Here in the mid-Atlantic, we’re getting ready for Sandy, or Frankenstorm, or whatever we’re calling it these days. Where I live, I think the main thing I need to be concerned about is potential power outages. I’m stocked up with ready-to-eat food, got plenty of candles and an LED lamp. Unless trees come down, I suspect my main concern will be internet withdrawal.

This week has been sorta weird, and I haven’t been to the Y to work out since Monday. Wednesday, I rushed to the dentist with what I was sure was a dental emergency, but turned out to be my TMD disguising itself as a toothache. (That’s issues with the jaw joint and muscles, sometimes called TMJ, though TMJ is actually the designator for the joint itself.) So I’ve been all about pain meds and muscle relaxers and hot packs and face massage for the past few days.

The book? What book?  I haven’t written a word on it for days, and suspect I won’t be able to make much progress on it until after the election, because I’m all election-obsessed and stressed about it. (Do I think that stress might be driving the TMD flareup? Um – yeah!)

The only area I’m succeeding, turns out, is the diet. Tuesday weigh-in was the first in two weeks, and I was down 6.6 pounds for those two weeks. I’m really sticking with eating the right things and writing them all down.

And BTW, that’s a good example of ‘negative self-talk’, when I say that the only thing I’m accomplishing is losing weight. Hey, Joyce, you’re losing weight! You’ve lost fifteen pounds! That’s awesome! Lose the weight and you’ll have more energy and everything you do will be easier – and then you can achieve amazing things!

(I need to work on reprogramming the Little Voice In My Head, because it’s such a downer!)


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  1. Martha

    Hooray Joyce! I am so happy you have lost so much. Best advice I got to quiet the negative is talk to yourself like you would a friend. As your friend I want to give you permission to focus on politics for the next few weeks and then you can turn your focus back to the book. Hope the storm misses you.

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