“Don’t pay the ransom, honey – I escaped!”

So, um…. It’s been a while since we’ve had one of our little chats, hasn’t it? I can explain everything!

Let’s see. First there was Election Stress. Followed immediately by such a wild sense of relief that it felt like recuperating from a Serious Illness. You know, you’re going about your day, and then get hit by the realization, “I’m gonna LIVE!”

I was being pretty good about the diet. And then came Thanksgiving, and I completely ran amuck.  Once I came home, I immediately got back on the diet, and have lost about half the Thanksgiving weight gain. I’ll probably get it all off… in time for the Christmas weight gain.

Creatively, I’m drawing and plotting. And some housekeeping to free the chi.

But I’m here, still alive – thought you might want to know that.




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2 responses to ““Don’t pay the ransom, honey – I escaped!”

  1. Sue

    Joyce! …A relief to see you’re still around! Such a long period of silence followed ‘Turmoil’ that I had begun to believe Sandy had chased you from the country. A cup of wassail will be raised to your continuing existence and good health: Cheers!!

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