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Fitness Challenge, Week 1

I’ve successfully completed the first week of the Fitness Challenge at the Y. I took three fitness classes this week.

Monday was Aqua Surprise, which is water aerobics. I took water aerobics ages ago, but after I learned to swim I got all superior about it, so I hadn’t taken a class in years. It’s a lot harder than I remembered! But when the class is over, the jacuzzi is right there.

Wednesday I took Muscle Pump. I knew it was a weights class, but when I got there and saw the folks setting up their areas with barbells, I almost walked right back out. For some reason, I find barbells a lot more intimidating than dumbbells. But I needed the signature on my fitness challenge card, so I gave it a try. It was actually… sorta fun. Not easy, no. But I did the warmup with just the bar, and then added the smallest weights to the bar and made it through the whole class. I had a bit of muscle soreness later, but nothing debilitating, so yay me.

Friday I took Beginner’s Tai Chi. This was the first of a new class, so we started right at the beginning. I’d tried Tai Chi before with videos, and never quite got it. Now it seems to me that the videos try to get you to do too many new things at once. In this class, we’d learn a move and repeat repeat repeat. I really enjoyed it.

So there are my three classes. When I started the challenge, I intended to do a lot of sampling around of the various classes, but I think I might just make these three my regulars. They’re nicely spaced, a good variety and at a good time of day for me.

I’m also doing the stationary bike in the fitness center for aerobics, so in six weeks I hope to see some real improvement.

So that’s my week – gettin’ fit, gettin’ strong!

Oh, and I’ve also been tinkering around with Pinterest, which is Strangely Compelling – come take a look:


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It’s a whole new year!

Been a while since we chatted, huh?

So – news from here. I’m taking another 12 week weight loss challenge (I lost 18 pounds in the last challenge, if you recall), and also taking the Y’s 6 week fitness challenge. This will entail going to three fitness classes a week, with a fitness test at the start and at the end. I’ve already had the Initial Assessment, and surprise surprise – I’m not very fit. So there’s plenty of room for improvement.

The book progresses – slowly. Trying to get back into an office hours routine and speed up that process a bit.

The holidays? I ran amok. Not in an interesting way, all memoir-worthy Auntie Mame antics, just food. All the food I hadn’t eaten for a few months, and in quantities that were downright ridiculous. So yeah, I gained a lot of weight. The good news is, I’ve already taken most of the holiday weight off again, so – whew.

I also reminded myself once again that I really am gluten sensitive, as the gluten glut (you can’t spell gluten without glut – hmm…) brought back every ache and pain and sinuses and heartburn. That’s  abating too, as I’m back to eating sensibly again.

I got a wii for Christmas, which, in case you don’t know, is totally awesome for streaming Netflix.

I’ve made all the usual resolutions, weight and fitness, and The Book. And I’ve also decided to give up trying to have some Unifying Theme for this blog, so I’m just going to blog about whatever I feel like yapping about.  So – FYI.


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