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Do you like Regencies?

If you do, how about participating in this survey? It’s about Regency romances and what types you like, long or short, humorous or dramatic, and so on. It’s not my survey, but from another writer in my Regency group.

I’m curious about the answers myself, so there’s the link, have at it.


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New reviews for Passatonnack Winery mysteries

Cozy Mystery Book Reviews has posted reviews for Died On The Vine and Bidding On Death.

You can find them here –

Died On The Vine

Bidding On Death

(There’s a way to make these links prettier, but the link function in Word Press doesn’t seem to be doing what it’s supposed to do, and right now I’m too cranky to take the time to figure it out.)

Folks have been asking me if I plan to write more in the series. I do intend to return to Queen Anne County and the Passatonnack Winery, but right now I need to get this Regency moving again. To be honest, I’ve written less than a page since Maggie died. I’m trying to get back on track.

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