I’m getting a puppy

This one –


Another Samoyed, of course. Some sort of great-great-grandniece of Maggie’s. I’m picking her up next week. It’s time.





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2 responses to “I’m getting a puppy

  1. Congratulations on your puppy! that’s very exciting (and fluffy and adorable)

    Dogs are one of my obsessions.

  2. Sue

    Well, good news from the governor! She looks ever so cuddly, and rather pensive for one so young. Have you selected a name yet, or will you give the matter several days’/weeks’ due consideration like the Royals? Our very young rescue-basset was such a promiscuous (i.e., humping sofa cushions) rogue that we took a couple weeks to find a name we felt suited her: Joanie Stubbs, after the madam in “Deadwood”. …Congrats & best wishes on the new addition, and good luck puppy-proofing!

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