Meet Jazzy

Here she is –


I brought her home on Friday. She’s eight weeks old and just an awesome little pup.

Here at Puppy Hogwarts she follows a demanding curriculum. Right now she’s learning that her name is Jazzy, that her mommy wuvs her vewwy vewwy much, and that good girls pee and poop outside.

It’s all so much to absorb…




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5 responses to “Meet Jazzy

  1. Sue

    Joyce, she’s a sweetheart! And the name’s *perfect*. …Must be hard to say “NO!” while looking into those merry eyes.

  2. Oh, she’s a cute little fluffball! Congratulations!

  3. bemused

    Oh joy, you finally have your pup. Our Sammy puppy is now 4 months old and she is a happy, happy waggy tail cuddler. She and our 5 year old Sammy are the best of pals and romp wildly together. We are all except for our two somewhat less enthused kitties having a blast. Here’s to many, many fun filled days ahead for you and Jazzy.

  4. Chat Noir

    What a beautiful girl. I bet she’s smart, too.

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