More Jazzy

I think you’re all just going to have to accept that for a while this is going to be more of a dog blog than a writing blog. Yeah, I imagined I’d bring home the puppy, spend a weekend bonding, and then come Monday I’d be back to office hours and an exercise routine. Ha! I say, Ha! Consider me on pupternity leave.

We’ve been training! Jazzy will sit on command – without a treat lure! Down and stand still require treats and coming when called? Well, that’s a work in progress.

As a reward for visiting my blog, here are some more Jazzy pictures.




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2 responses to “More Jazzy

  1. Pupternity leave LOL!

  2. I don’t mind dog blogs at all. It’s a dovetail of my “professional” interests!

    Sit already is awesome!

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