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Catching up

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? And I have some achievements to tell you about.

First, since I know what my public likes, let’s start with a recent Jazzy picture:


Here she is just back from the groomer. (Later that day she did some digging in the yard, but let’s just pass quietly over that.)

In the fall, we took a puppy obedience class. It was a bit of shock to go from a dog with nine years of training to a puppy (bouncy!) with zero years of training, but we both learned a lot. We do little training sessions around the house now, hope to be all impressive for the next class in the spring.

I got Jazzy a dog harness to ride in the back seat, so here is a growth series for you.



She’s very good about it. I told her when I first put the harness on and she was so baffled about it that she’d love car rides, and it’s true.

In other news, remember that Regency romance novel I’ve been going on about for (ulp!) over a year now? It’s DONE! Well, not done done, but I actually got to the end of the story, and am now in edits. And my Art Department (waves to Jane) is hard at work on the cover art.

So mark your calendars, early in 2014 (January, I hope) look for the release of A Feather To Fly With.

And I’ve started work on a sequel!

Isn’t that exciting? I’m like a pup with a new stick!



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