Getting Excited? Cover art and blurb preview!

We inch closer to publication, and the excitement mounts! I think we’ve finally nailed down the cover and the blurb, so take a look.

First, here’s the cover:


The artwork is Henri Francois Mulard’s Portrait of a Lady, circa 1810. When I saw this portrait, I was struck by its resemblance to my mental image of my heroine Cleo.

And who is Cleo? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out, but the blurb gives a few clues:

“In Regency England, a young lady makes her fortune by marrying it. But Cleo Cooper has come to London with a different idea – she’s going to make her fortune by stealing it. Raised abroad by unconventional parents, Cleo has no use for the rules and strictures of the ton. She’ll pretend to fit in, but she has a secret scheme.

Arthur Ramsey, Duke of Winton, is in the market for a wife. He imagines a sweet, conformable young lady who will gracefully fill the role of Duchess, secure the succession with an heir, and not interfere with his scientific pursuits. That’s what he’s looking for – but what he finds is Cleo.”

Sound like fun? So where are we at? A few more text tweaks and then on to formatting for publication! I’m looking at mid-February at the latest.



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2 responses to “Getting Excited? Cover art and blurb preview!

  1. Now, this sounds like an interesting read

  2. Jane

    I just came across this book on amazon and headed over to your blog. Sounds fun and I can’t wait to read it. I love Regencies!

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