Publication Date! Plus snow. Plus dream.

Mark your calendars, Feather is coming! Yes, A Feather To Fly With will be published February 24th. Final proof, final tweaks, final formats, the end is in sight!

It’s a good thing I’ve had plenty to do around the house, because I haven’t left it except to shovel the walk and take out the dog since last Wednesday. Here in the east, we’re still digging out from what the Weather Channel calls Winter Storm Pax. (The Capital Weather Gang over at the Post calls it Snochi.) Today I’m going to attempt to get the car down the driveway – wish me luck.

We’ve had quite a few snows this year, but this was the first one deep enough to require shoveling. So I got out the old shovel and went to work, and I suddenly remembered a dream I had a few years ago. Bear with me, and I will share it with you.

I dreamed that Hogwarts had just started a new program – Adult Continuing Education! And a friend and I both got our Hogwarts letters; we were accepted to Hogwarts ACE! Well, as you can imagine, we were pretty excited.

We went down to Daigon Alley to get our school supplies. (And in a touch of verisimilitude, the regular Hogwarts students rather rolled their eyes at all these middle-aged frumps roaming the Alley clutching their Hogwarts letters and buying cauldrons and all that what-not.)

We got our supplies and then went to the broom shop, just to look. Of course, all the kids were oohing and ahhing over the Nimbuses and the Firebolts, but I murmured to my friend something I’d always thought about those brooms – “they look so uncomfortable!”

The sales clerk overheard that and said, “They are uncomfortable. The kids like them, but adults will want a more comfortable ride.” She took us to the back wall, and showed us a fine selection of — SNOW SHOVELS! (See how we got here from the sidewalk shoveling?)

With the magical snow shovels, you sit in the shovel part, and hold onto the handle. Doesn’t that make more sense? I tried one out and zoomed around the shop. It was obviously going to take some practice, but how much more comfy that balancing all your weight onto what the yoga instructors call your ‘sit bones’ on a broom handle!

I’ll leave you with this fine picture of Jazzy in the snow. You may, if you feel so inclined, imagine that I’m zooming about overhead on my magical snow shovel.




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2 responses to “Publication Date! Plus snow. Plus dream.

  1. Flying snow shovels LOL! Love it! I also love the idea of continuing ed at Hogwarts ;-p JK Rowling, are you listening…..?

  2. Love the photo of Jazzy. What is she? And snow shovels would be more comfortable than brooms, but the shovel part will need padding! Btw, some of the witches in Terry Pratchett’s novels use brooms; they have their drawbacks…

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