A Feather To Fly With now published and available for purchase!

Yes – at long last, here it is!

Feather Cover

“In Regency England, a young lady makes her fortune by marrying it. But Cleo Cooper has come to London with a different idea – she’s going to make her fortune by stealing it. Raised abroad by unconventional parents, Cleo has no use for the rules and strictures of the ton. She’ll pretend to fit in, but she has a secret scheme.

Arthur Ramsey, Duke of Winton, is in the market for a wife. He imagines a sweet, conformable young lady who will gracefully fill the role of Duchess, secure the succession with an heir, and not interfere with his scientific pursuits. That’s what he’s looking for – but what he finds is Cleo.”

(To repeat what I’ve said before, this is a traditional Regency. No sex, no vampires, no time travel. Humor in Regency high life.)

You can purchase A Feather to Fly With at Amazon

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4 responses to “A Feather To Fly With now published and available for purchase!

  1. Valerie Lortz

    I just finished your book and thought it was really good. A lot better than many regency novel’s that are available. Looking forward to more!

  2. Janine

    Just finished A Feather To Fly With! Best regency I’ve read in years! I’m a devoted fan of Austen and Georgette Heyer – this was just as fabulous!!!! Can’t wait for another regency book from Ms Harmon!!!!

  3. Linda

    I agree with the other readers 110%. Finally, an author that can write a Regency romance with behaviour appropriate to the time period, fascinating characters, and a style so similar to Georgette Heyer that it would be hard to tell them apart. Thanks so much for your work! I enjoyed every page!

  4. Katie

    I just stumbled across this and was so pleased! After devouring all the Heyer I could find a few years ago, I’ve been struggling to find something I could enjoy in the same genre. I found funny, madcap adventures where the romance didn’t quite sparkle, and broody doe-eyed sweet romances that didn’t manage to make me laugh nearly often enough. This book had just the right balance! Admittedly it is not as rigorously true to the time period as Heyer, but it also doesn’t suffer for it given the modern sensibilities of readers. Well done- I hope to read more!

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