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Still alive, still writing

Hello! I’m still here.

What have I been up to? Oh, the usual. Still writing. Nearing the end of my latest book, in fact. It’s yet another Regency, currently untitled. Remember Lord CharlesĀ  in Feather, Arthur’s younger brother? Well, this book is for him. And I’ve actually gone back in time, so this book takes place before Stage. (If you want the specifics, A Feather To Fly With takes place in 1814, and The World’s a Stage occurs in 1817. My current project is taking place in 1815.)

Anyway, to make up for my lengthy absence, here are TWO Jazzy pictures.

Graduating from Advanced Obedience at Petsmart:


And here she models an infinity scarf I knitted:




So there you have it – I’m still writing and my dog is still beautiful.



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