Still alive, still writing

Hello! I’m still here.

What have I been up to? Oh, the usual. Still writing. Nearing the end of my latest book, in fact. It’s yet another Regency, currently untitled. Remember Lord Charles  in Feather, Arthur’s younger brother? Well, this book is for him. And I’ve actually gone back in time, so this book takes place before Stage. (If you want the specifics, A Feather To Fly With takes place in 1814, and The World’s a Stage occurs in 1817. My current project is taking place in 1815.)

Anyway, to make up for my lengthy absence, here are TWO Jazzy pictures.

Graduating from Advanced Obedience at Petsmart:


And here she models an infinity scarf I knitted:




So there you have it – I’m still writing and my dog is still beautiful.



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After too long in the making, here at last is the release of my latest Regency romance novel, The World’s a Stage!

Here’s the cover


What is it about? Well, here’s the blurb:

All the world’s a stage for Peter Barton, a wandering actor now posing as a gentleman in Regency high society. But his carefree existence is jeopardized when a matchmaking mama tries to snare him for her dowdy daughter. To avoid entanglement and exposure, Peter needs a mistress – or at least someone willing to play the part.

The stage is no place for a lady, but when proper young lady Amy Greenlow is left destitute with a young sister to support, she dares to reinvent herself as the actress “Amadora” and takes the London stage by storm. But all Society knows that actresses are women of no virtue, and a ruthless Marquis is determined to make Amadora his latest mistress and won’t take no for an answer. To discourage his advances, Amy agrees to play another part, that of Peter Barton’s mistress.

For Peter and Amy, the public performance of their pretend affair is the role of a lifetime. Falling in love was never part of the plan.”

And here are some links –

Stage at Amazon

Stage at Barnes and Noble

Stage at Smashwords

And looking back, I see that I announced the upcoming release of my novella, Regency Road Trip, but never came back to verify that the release had actually taken place. Well, it has.  So here are some links to that:

Road Trip at Amazon

Road Trip at Barnes and Noble

Road Trip at Smashwords

So there you have it! We’re all caught up on new releases and I hope you’ll be glad to know that the next Regency is already in the works.


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March 22, 2015 · 2:30 pm

Coming Soon! A novella, Regency Road Trip – with cover reveal

I’m currently in the editing of a novella, which I hope to publish very soon. Regency Road Trip is set in the same world as A Feather To Fly With and portrays the further adventures of several of the characters from Feather.

I have a cover! And here it is –


So – coming soon! Stay tuned…

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Update and Feather sale

Gracious, look at the time! It’s half past the end of summer, isn’t it? Tempus fugit, or so they say.

If you follow my blog, such as it is, you’re probably reading this hoping for a new release. Alas, the Work In Progress is still in progress. I’ve also begun a novella that will fall in time between the two novels. But as for a release date for either, that is still very much TBD.

So what was I doing all summer? Oh, a little this, a little that. For instance, I spent my Fourth of July in the hospital having my gallbladder removed. That was a bit of a surprise but it all went well. And I’ve quite recovered from the surgery itself, but in the aftermath and recovery, I lost a lot of strength and stamina and am having to rebuild that. I’m going to the gym five times a week and trying to reach a point where simple errands don’t feel like mountain climbing.

So! I have no new releases on the horizon. Therefore, in a pathetically transparent attempt to get my name back in lights (or an increase in book sales at the very least), I’m putting A Feather To Fly With on sale.

Yes! Starting tomorrow and for one week only, Feather will be available for the low low price of only 99 cents! Mark your calendars! Tell all your friends!

And now as a reward for reading this blog post, here is a nice picture of Jazzy:



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So… what’s next?

So, A Feather To Fly With has had a successful launch and I’m currently working on a sequel.

Remember Peter Barton? In Feather he was the actor passing as a gentleman (all in furtherance of Cleo’s cunning scheme). Well, he’s getting his own book now. It’s several years after the events of Feather, and Peter is still in London and still successfully passing as a gentleman. He’ll soon be having his own romance and his own adventure.

And hilarity, it’s safe to say, will ensue.

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A Feather To Fly With now published and available for purchase!

Yes – at long last, here it is!

Feather Cover

“In Regency England, a young lady makes her fortune by marrying it. But Cleo Cooper has come to London with a different idea – she’s going to make her fortune by stealing it. Raised abroad by unconventional parents, Cleo has no use for the rules and strictures of the ton. She’ll pretend to fit in, but she has a secret scheme.

Arthur Ramsey, Duke of Winton, is in the market for a wife. He imagines a sweet, conformable young lady who will gracefully fill the role of Duchess, secure the succession with an heir, and not interfere with his scientific pursuits. That’s what he’s looking for – but what he finds is Cleo.”

(To repeat what I’ve said before, this is a traditional Regency. No sex, no vampires, no time travel. Humor in Regency high life.)

You can purchase A Feather to Fly With at Amazon

Or at Smashwords

Or at Barnes & Noble


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Publication Date! Plus snow. Plus dream.

Mark your calendars, Feather is coming! Yes, A Feather To Fly With will be published February 24th. Final proof, final tweaks, final formats, the end is in sight!

It’s a good thing I’ve had plenty to do around the house, because I haven’t left it except to shovel the walk and take out the dog since last Wednesday. Here in the east, we’re still digging out from what the Weather Channel calls Winter Storm Pax. (The Capital Weather Gang over at the Post calls it Snochi.) Today I’m going to attempt to get the car down the driveway – wish me luck.

We’ve had quite a few snows this year, but this was the first one deep enough to require shoveling. So I got out the old shovel and went to work, and I suddenly remembered a dream I had a few years ago. Bear with me, and I will share it with you.

I dreamed that Hogwarts had just started a new program – Adult Continuing Education! And a friend and I both got our Hogwarts letters; we were accepted to Hogwarts ACE! Well, as you can imagine, we were pretty excited.

We went down to Daigon Alley to get our school supplies. (And in a touch of verisimilitude, the regular Hogwarts students rather rolled their eyes at all these middle-aged frumps roaming the Alley clutching their Hogwarts letters and buying cauldrons and all that what-not.)

We got our supplies and then went to the broom shop, just to look. Of course, all the kids were oohing and ahhing over the Nimbuses and the Firebolts, but I murmured to my friend something I’d always thought about those brooms – “they look so uncomfortable!”

The sales clerk overheard that and said, “They are uncomfortable. The kids like them, but adults will want a more comfortable ride.” She took us to the back wall, and showed us a fine selection of — SNOW SHOVELS! (See how we got here from the sidewalk shoveling?)

With the magical snow shovels, you sit in the shovel part, and hold onto the handle. Doesn’t that make more sense? I tried one out and zoomed around the shop. It was obviously going to take some practice, but how much more comfy that balancing all your weight onto what the yoga instructors call your ‘sit bones’ on a broom handle!

I’ll leave you with this fine picture of Jazzy in the snow. You may, if you feel so inclined, imagine that I’m zooming about overhead on my magical snow shovel.



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